Stripe Support Videos

I started a small project at Stripe over the holiday period to create some short videos that would help users better understand how to use certain features of, or change settings within, the dashboard.

As more people start using Stripe, especially with third-party platforms that are built using Stripe Connect, being able to show our users how to do something, like how to download payment reports, can be much more informative than written instructions alone.

The idea was to create an increasing number of videos the we could send to users who had got in touch. As well as this, we’ve now been adding them to Stripe’s support site, making them available to anyone viewing a relevant support topic for which a video exists. You can find some examples of the new videos at:

I used ScreenFlow for screen recording in both OS X and iOS, as well as the entire editing process. I'm amazed by just how versatile ScreenFlow can be, which makes me regret not using it sooner1.

I’ll be continually expanding Stripe’s library of videos that our users can watch, at any time, which will cover many more topics and features.

  1. When I wrote for Tuts+, I’d use iMovie to edit my screencasts, which was like pulling teeth.


Up until the mid-part of 2014, I had two websites I'd try and regularly write for: The Instructional and my tech-related blog, Sparsebundle. As I spend more of my time focused on other things in life, I felt somewhat guilty that I wasn't updating either site as often as I'd want to, and I no longer wanted that commitment. 

I decided to digitally downsize and get rid of what had become something of a burden to me. I've handed over the running of The Instructional to Sam Berson, someone who I know will take the site much further than I have the time for.  I also shut down Sparsebundle, rather than continue to write there, simply because I wanted a fresh start. Continuing that site would seem odd to me because I've become much less Apple-centric and it was always a site predominantly about Apple.

As I don't want to be writing about things I've found myself less interested in, nor on any self-imposed frequent basis, I've now moved (back) here and am starting anew.