BBC’s History of Video Game Music

BBC 6 Music has a fascinating and nostalgic two-part series on the history of video game music. There’s also a bonus episode with Charlie Brooker, creator of Black Mirror and former video games journalist, talking about his love of video games and sharing some of his favorite game music.

You can listen to all three episodes in the browser or using the BBC iPlayer Radio app for iOS.

Fortnite on iPad Pro—with or without a controller—is a better experience than Nintendo Switch. Graphics are much better on the iPad Pro and it can run at 60FPS—the Switch only gets 30FPS.

Apple Music is available on Amazon Echo a few days early. I’ve just tried it and it works great, particularly with multiple Echo devices set up as multi-room speakers. “Alexa, play my work playlist everywhere”. Much cheaper than buying a couple of HomePods!

The fact that the iCloud website doesn’t work properly on an iPad—and hasn’t for years—is beyond frustrating. How can Apple expect others to take the iPad seriously if their own web pages don’t work correctly?