Any recommendations for selling my used Apple devices and accessories in the US? I've had mixed success with eBay, and Craigslist always seems sketchy. I'd normally just use Apple's GiveBack service but I'd like to get a bit more back.

Visited my local Apple Store to try out the new iPads Pro. I'm glad I canceled my 11" preorder and waited to see them in person now. The 12.9" really is noticeably smaller and lighter than the previous model, and it's the one I decided to buy.

A really exciting update to Darkroom, my favorite iOS photo editor. RAW+JPG switching support is going to be incredibly useful.

Spoke to Apple this morning and they are sending out a second replacement Apple Watch. I know these things happen, I worked on the Genius Bar for seven years. I'm very happy with Apple's support and responsiveness.

Always a great view of Manhattan from Jersey City's waterfront.


The problem is noticeably bad when using the Digital Crown to slightly illuminate the screen. Only the right side is readable.


Apple Watch woes continue. I received a replacement but it's defective. The Digital Crown button doesn't work properly and the backlight isn't uniformโ€”it's noticeably brighter on one side.

After reading a few comments about the smaller size and weight of the new 12.9" iPad Pro, I'm now unsure which one to go for. I've canceled my 11" preorder and will wait to visit an Apple Store to see for myself.

watchOS 5.1 update bricked my Series 4 Apple Watch. Getting a replacement sent to me in the next few days. A reminder to always wait a day or two before installing an update.

Very impressed by the new iPad Pro announced earlier today. I've ordered the 11-Inch iPad Pro 256GB in Space Gray, and the Smart Keyboard Folio.

I'm skipping Apple Pencil this time around though. I own one already and rarely use it.

Polygon has a summary of the recent controversy at Rockstar about crunch time and working long hours on games like Red Dead Redemption 2.

A healthy work-life balance is crucial. Sadly, too many employers foster a toxic culture where it's expected you neglect your personal life.

Bird houses in my local park. (Taken with iPhone Xs using Portrait mode, then edited with Darkroom.)


Setting up my new iPhone Xs and Apple Watch Series 4. iOS Quick Start has made the whole process so much more straightforward for the iPhone, but Apple Watch setup is still a bit of a pain.

Workflow Directory is now Shortcuts Directory. I've updated the GitHub repository and am making some changes to make submissions even easier. I've also updated my own site and repository of shortcuts with the app's new name.

Some great improvements to Darkroom for iOS. Support for hashtag sets is especially useful for Instagram.

Tiny hands

Tiny hands

This is Eleanor, my beautiful baby daughter who was born last week.


1Password's support for AutoFill in iOS 12 is awesome. So much easier to log in and complete 2FA. The app automatically copies the one-time passcode to the clipboard after auto-filling the username and password.

๐Ÿ“š Started reading Creative Selection: Inside Apple's Design Process During the Golden Age of Steve Jobs by Ken Kocienda.

Workflow is dead. Long live Shortcuts!