Current projects

Tips and tricks for iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, and Apple TV.
Remote Friendly
A jobs board for for positions at remote-friendly companies.

Past projects

Workflow Directory
A website to find and share workflows for use with Workflow for iOS. All the workflows I've created can also be found there.
SCK: Stripe Checkout for Kirby
A plug-in for Kirby to process payments with Stripe using Checkout. You can also accept AliPay and Bitcoin payments if your Stripe account supports it.
A Chrome Extension to Replace the Intro Videos on Airbnb With Clips From Home Alone.
Create a Searchable Web Page of Your Animated GIFs in OS X
Apple Products TextExpander Snippet Collection
A collection of snippets for TextExpander to autocorrect commonly misspelt or incorrect use of letter case in Apple product names.
Country Names and ISO Code Snippets for TextExpander
A pair of TextExpander snippets to display a list of all countries, with the correct name and spelling, and also look up its ISO short name.
5by5 Live Broadcast Schedule Panel for Status Board
A panel for Panic's Status Board iOS app to display the next 30 days of 5by5's broadcast schedule.